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Cherry Hill riding club part 2

Суббота, Июнь 29th, 2013

     When Emily saw that the DVD of Cherry Hill riding club part 1 stayed in Jenn’s room, she deduced that it was a copy for Jenn to keep, and Emily was overjoyed. When Jenn was out, and Emily knew that she’d be alone for a while, she have the DVD going, ramming her overheated pussy, watching Penny get splattered with a load of steaming horse cum, then watching her get horse fucked, howling with pleasure as Penny’s cunt was getting rammed with that massive cock, she watched the hottest, nastiest, most perverted, and most cunt tingling scenes she ever watched. My god, her orgasms felt like they were going to rip her apart.

     A few weeks later, she saw a new DVD had been added, "Cherry Hill riding club part 2, Macy." Another heated masturbation session ensued, Macy was a tall, lithe blonde with deep blue eyes, and Emily eagerly watched as Macy stroked an eager stallion up to full glory, then sucked on a throbbing horse cock, the camera again moving in for close up shots of Macy giving that lucky stallion her best blowjob. Emily’s pussy started to throb and pulse with need, as Macy sucked that monster to a big release, that stallion was a real shooter. Macy got a thick plastering all over her face, a sheet of horse cum, then long, thick trails all over her body, neck, tits, belly, her smooth shaven mound all got splattered.

     Macy stood up, her body displaying the work of her horse cock sucking, letting the camera trail lovingly over her body.

     Cherry’s voice, said, "Did you like that baby?"

     Macy cried, "Oh my god, I fucking loved it!"

     Cherry said, "Then you’ll love what’s coming next!"

     The camera was placed back on the tripod, then Cherry led her over to the fucking table. On the table, on her hands and knees, Macy was already making low moans of lust as she was strapped down. Cherry took the jar of lube, and spread a generous sized glob of lube along Macy’s lips, then added two more that were slid up her tight tunnel, when you are going to take on such a monster cock, there’s no such thing as too much lube.

     Cherry left the frame for a minute, when she came back, she was leading a white stallion towards Macy.

     Cherry cooed, "Come on Snowflake, we got a nice hot pussy for you, all ready to be fucked hard and filled up."

     With Cherry’s hands stroking at him, Snowflake’s cock quickly grew, and she ran thick globs of lube up and down, making Snowflake’s massive fuckpole glisten. She signaled to him, he knew what that meant, and he lifted his front legs, and they slid into the grooves built for them. Macy was positioned so that long knob end was against her tight pussy lips, then mounted, and as Macy’s shriek filled the speakers, Emily’s cunt was throbbing, she started to ram herself with her dildo as she watched Macy losing her horse cock virginity to a horny stallion in a deep, hard thrust. The screams and shrieks of Macy losing her horse cock virginity, as that rock hard horse cock split open her tight pink walls, the panting of the horse, the liquid sounds of Macy’s pussy getting fucked deeper than ever, filled the speakers. After several cunt splitting thrusts, the lube took away the abrasive edge, and Macy, like Penny before her, seemed to be able to take the huge pole, she was starting to let out sounds of pleasure.

     As in riding club part 1, the camera was lifted off the tripod, and moved in for extra hot, close up shots. The camera moved around the table, capturing hot shots from all angles. Macy’s face was turned to the side, glowing, she looked almost delirious with pleasure.

     Macy growled, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

     Emily’s favorite scene was where Emily could see Macy’s eager pussy stretched wide around that massive shaft. She imagined herself in that position, strapped down, getting the most cunt filling fuck ever. She felt her pussy give a giant lurch, Emily had been fucking herself silly with the dildo, polishing around her throbbing clit, and she knew she was seconds away. Fortunately, so was Macy.

     Macy’s screams and howls of pleasure reached a crescendo, as she shrieked, "I’m cumming AWW GAWWDDD!!" and she let out a wild scream of pleasure.

     The horse let out loud snorts, and Emily could just imagine the huge load of thick creamy cum filling her pussy. Emily felt her own throbbing pussy explode, as her cunt burst apart in a blast of sheer pleasure, and her howl of orgasm joined the sounds from the TV. Fuck, it felt like she was turning inside out as she body flopped around on the bed, she felt like she was out of control, as she finally slumped down, breathless, watching as Cherry helped the horse down, letting him wander through the barn. Her pussy had been filled to overflowing, and the camera closed in on her well filled hole. 

     "And now for the extra service, cleaning up all the horny, messy pussies my horses create!" Cherry giggled.

     Cherry put the camera back on the tripod, and moved it closer to the action. She positioned the bench right behind Macy’s up-thrust ass. Facing the camera, she slipped off the robe she was wearing, giving the camera a full frontal view of her nudity. Emily saw that her mound was shaved bare and smooth, she looked so sexy, and Emily wondered how it felt to be hairless down there. She smiled to the camera, then she took a kneeling position on the bench, and plastered her mouth against Macy’s well fucked cunt, ready to clean up that messy, tasty pussy.

     She heard Macy coo, "Oh yes, lick me Cherry, suck out all that tasty load of horse cum, and make me cum baby!"

     Cherry was more than eager to do so, and Emily watched, her cunt still buzzing, as Cherry plastered her mouth against Macy’s well fucked opening, and worked on getting that load out of her. She watched as Cherry slipped her hand down, eager to stroke herself. Cherry applied her oral skills to giving Macy the best lick job she could, and it took little time before Macy cried out in pleasure, as Cherry skilfully brought her cresting to another orgasm. Emily could hear Cherry’s moans into the soupy mix she was eagerly licking up, as her fingers brought herself to climax.

     Just like last time, Cherry faced the camera, from the nose on down, she was plastered with a mix of Macy’s juices and a thick sheet of horse cum, thick streams dripping off her chin, splattering down over her tits. Streams started to dip off her tits, and roll down her belly. She did this for a minute, letting the cum make thick trails on her body, she opened her mouth, showed the thick spunk that her mouth was filled with, then eagerly swallowed it down, giving the camera a big grin of satisfaction.

     "Does this look good? Then come and join Cherry Hill riding club, come and ride a big stallion, and you’ll cum like never before. I’m looking forward to the next horny pussy, all messy with a huge load of horse spunk, that I can lick clean!"

     Cherry giggled, blew a kiss to the camera, and the screen went blank.

     Emily was ready to relax, but she heard the front door open and close. She flew up off the bed, then she heard Jenn’s voice, say "Mom, are you home?"

     Emily ejected the DVD, slipped it back into its case and placed it next to part 1. She quickly turned off the power as she called, "I’m upstairs sweetheart, I’ll be right down!"

     She hoped that Jenn would stay downstairs, and good luck was with her as she heard Jenn’s footsteps go towards the kitchen. Phew, that was a close one. She straightened out the bedspread, took a last look around, grabbed up her clothes, and raced to her bedroom. Safe in her room, oh if Jenn had come home 5 minutes earlier, and had come upstairs quietly. Emily giggled nervously as she thought about Jenn opening the door, seeing her Mom completely nude, lying on her bed, watching that DVD and fucking herself silly with a dildo. Emily got dressed quickly, and trotted downstairs to join her daughter.

     Jenn was at the kitchen table, drinking a glass of apple juice, a thoughtful expression on her face. 

     Emily gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, and said "Hey sweetheart, what’s new today?"

     "Not too much, just thinking about something that Cherry said to me." Jenn replied.

     Emily felt her heart speed up a bit, as she asked, "It’s certainly got you thinking, what did she say?"

     "Well" Jenn said, choosing her words carefully, "it was along the lines of maybe stepping out of your comfort zone, and trying something wild and crazy. She said we’re only young once, so why not try something wild and free, while we can still do it?"

     "Sounds interesting and intriguing, any more you’d like to tell me about this idea Cherry has?"

     Jenn turned, locked her eyes with Emily, and for just a second, it looked like Jenn was ready to tell her.

     Then, Jenn stepped back from that edge, and replied, "Well, I’m still thinking it over whether or not to do it."

     Emily thought about watching her daughter’s sexy body getting splattered with horse cum, then her screams and howls as she was penetrated by a rock hard monster sized horse cock, it sent lustful twinges through her pussy.

     She said, "Well, I trust your good judgement in new and interesting things. What Cherry said makes sense though, the time to try out the new, different and exciting things is now. There are a few things I wish I would’ve tried back when."

     What Emily said had been pretty self serving, she’d do almost anything to watch Jenn be a new chapter in the Cherry Hill riding club.

Cherry Hill riding club part 1

Понедельник, Май 27th, 2013

     Emily Lawner was getting home early today. Her boss had taken her out for lunch, to celebrate her landing a big account with the agency, and had given her the rest of the day off. She was feeling good, and now that she had the rest of the day off, she was feeling frisky, too. She was eager to get out of her pressed dark green business suit, and take care of her rapidly building horniness.

     Emily was feeling good, and she looked good too. At the age of 34, she was a total MILF; sleek black hair with hints of brown, sparkling blue eyes, slender build, gorgeous 34D-cup breasts, a pert heart-shaped ass and shapely legs. Her daughter Jenn would not be home for a few hours, and she could indulge herself in a long, languid session of self-loving, stroking and caressing her body, stroking at all her soft, intimate areas, building herself up until, with her 9 inch dildo stuffed snugly in her cunt, fingers teasing and polishing her clit, she’d cum like crazy. Her center was creamy slick already, she was aching to take care of that heat.

     She trotted up the steps of her house, and let herself in. Perfect, now just head for her bedroom, and….wait a minute. She heard noises, sounded like girl talk and laughter, coming from Jenn’s bedroom. Damn, so much for that, she thought, as her pussy ached, yearning to be brought to climax. She headed up the stairs, better let Jenn know I’m home.

     Her door was partly ajar, she intended to just lean in, and say hi. She got to the lean in, but what she saw killed anything she was going to say. Her daughter Jenn and her best friend Cherry were stretched out on the bed. Except for the tight panties both were wearing, they were totally naked. Jenn was stroking at her breasts, fingers teasing her nipples into stiff, hard nubs. Jenn was 17, and her breasts were a 34B, she was similar in body style to her Mom, a slender, more athletic build, she was one of the best on her high school track and field team. Her friend Cherry was more voluptuous, with wide, solid hips, at 17 she was already a 36DD cup, with a wickedly curvy waist, and a figure that made her think of Marilyn Monroe. She was also tweaking at her nipples, and both girls were running their fingertips along the front of their panties, pressing against their tight pink seams.

     Emily drew back quickly, fortunately, both girls were facing away, watching Jenn’s TV/DVD player, and had not noticed Emily. Emily thought she should withdraw, give them some privacy,  but watching the hot, sexy shapes of her daughter and her best friend on the bed together, giving themselves pleasure, held her in a grip she couldn’t break. The way the TV/DVD player was angled, Emily couldn’t see what was on the screen, but it sounded a lot like some pretty hot porn.

     "Watch this!" Cherry cried, "oh fuck, yeah, look at her, suck it down baby, now let that cock spray you!"

     "Holy fuck, she’s getting absolutely plastered!" Jenn cried.

     "Ok, now, watch this! Get naked baby, and get ready to stroke your pussy, god it’s such a turn on to see, and film this!" Cherry growled huskily.

     They both drew up their knees, lifting up their butts, they both slid their panties down in one fluid movement, pulling them off, twirling them around a finger, and giggled as they tossed them away. Cherry’s tight, fire engine red panties slid towards the door, until they were at Emily’s feet. Without even stopping to think, she reached down, picked up Cherry’s panties, and sniffed deeply at the crotch. The smell of Cherry’s arousal patterned against the crotch, a peppery, hot musky scent, made Emily’s pussy twang with need.

     Jenn and Cherry lay back, their heads propped up, thighs spread wide, and their fingers got busy, stroking at their hot, creamy slick centers. Emily could feel her pussy demanding attention, she slipped her skirt off, and buried her fingers in her burning pussy. The feel of her fingers, sliding up her overheated tunnel, filling the hungry ache, almost made her cry out with relief. As Jenn and Cherry started to pick up the pace, Emily did also, 3 ladies were now furiously finger-fucking 3 very hot and very horny cunts. The shrieks and screams of passion coming from the TV drove them on, and Emily could feel it building up.

     "Ok here it comes, baby, watch her, watch what happens, stroke your pretty pussy, and watch!" Cherry gasped.

     The voice on the TV rose to a scream of sexual pleasure, and Jenn and Cherry’s shrieks of climax joined in, as they both tumbled into orgasm, sleek bodies shaking and writhing, and Emily bit down hard to keep from crying out, as her body was wracked with the cunt quivering spasms of her climax, feeling her pink walls clutching at her fingers, gasping with pleasure.

     Cherry gasped, "There’s more, keep watching!"

     About 30 seconds later, I heard Jenn squeal, "Oh my god, is that you?"

     Cherry growled back huskily, "Yeah, that’s me all right. God, it’s such a turn on to suck out the load, after they’ve been filled up. You wouldn’t believe how delicious that big load of spunk tastes, when it’s mixed with the lucky recipient’s juices!"

     Both Jenn and Cherry had reached over, and were now stroking eagerly at each other’s horny centers, nimble fingers working each other up to climax. Emily watched, feeling her horniness surge back up, watching the exciting spectacle of her daughter and her best friend working each other over, the wet squelch of plunging fingers, the cries of passion coming from the TV speakers, and the girl’s moans and cries of passion filling Jenn’s bedroom.

     Jenn cried out "Oh holy fuck, that’s so fucking hot, yes, yes, gonna, oh gonna do it, stroke me baby, yes, yes, fuck YEEEESSSSS!"  

     Jenn howled, tumbling into her second orgasm, as Cherry and Emily reached their peaks, Cherry’s squeals of climax joining Jenn’s, Emily doing her best to keep from crying out as her overheated pussy got the pleasing slam of a second orgasm, the release washing through her, ahhhhh, so good. 

     As her orgasm started to ebb, Emily got her wits back. She quickly pulled her skirt back on, and got downstairs. She slipped outside quietly, took a walk around the block, then returned, to see Jenn and Cherry coming downstairs.

     Jenn exclaimed, "Wow Mom, are you home already?"

     Emily replied, "Yes, I got that big account for the agency I’ve been working on. My boss was so impressed that he took me out for lunch, and gave me the rest of the day off!"

     Emily saw Jenn and Cherry exchange a look, one that said that they were glad she hadn’t gotten home sooner. She supressed the grin that tried to rise to her face.

     Jenn said, "We gotta get going Mom, our lunch time is almost over, school’s gonna start soon, and our Math class beckons."

     With a hug and a peck on the cheek from both girls, they were on their way. As soon as they were gone, Emily sneaked upstairs. Was it possible that the DVD they were watching was still up there? She never snooped in her daughter’s room (well…maybe a little), but she had to see what they had been watching. She found it and looked at the label, it read "Cherry Hill riding club part 1 — Penny." With a growing excitement, Emily stripped naked, she had to watch it, it sounded like some fantastic stroke material. She got her 9 inch dildo from her bedroom dresser, and returned to Jenn’s room. She could feel the heating up, her juices already starting to slick up her lips. She slipped the DVD into the player, stretched out on Jenn’s bed, spread her thighs. She picked up the remote control, and pressed the "Play" button.

     The scene was a pleasant green meadow, and a pretty girl riding a horse. She looked about the same age as her daughter, she had long auburn hair streaming out behind her, she had a buxom, voluptuous build, hefty DD cups, and the camera followed her riding around the meadow. Emily was confused, this wasn’t porn, it looked like a home movie. Was it possible that this was not the movie they’d been watching? Perhaps Cherry had taken the movie with her, when they left for school. She freeze framed the scene, and snooped around some more. Nope, nothing more to be found. Well, maybe it’s a fragment of something that was then recorded over. She felt the lust starting to ebb, as she pressed "Resume".

     Thirty seconds later, as horse and rider trotted up to the camera, she heard Cherry’s voice come from the speakers, asking her if she was ready. Penny nodded eagerly, and the scene cut to a new one. Penny was stripped completely naked, and Emily stared in open mouthed wonder as the camera pulled back, and the scene steadied as the camera was placed on a tripod. Penny was looking at something offscreen in wide eyed wonder, and Cherry appeared, and she was leading a young male stallion. The horse was led up to Penny, she stared at the huge animal, as Cherry led the horse into position. Cherry pulled up two sturdy leg restraints that were built into the floors, and they fitted around the horse’s rear legs like boots, and were buckled around. The restraints were made of high grade drop forged steel, and were attached to posts that were sunk deep into the floor.

     "Ok Pen, Midnight can’t get free, he’s secured, now, on your knees and suck his cock!"

      Emily could feel the tingle of lust starting as Penny took to her knees, she reached under and grabbed the horse’s brown cock with both hands and started stroking it. It quickly grew right before her eyes, damn it had to be 18 inches long and thick as a fire hose. Besides the sheer size, the shape of the head of his cock was the most dramatic difference compared to a man’s cock. Emily was just as amazed, and then Penny leaned in and opened her mouth as wide as she could. Both of her hands were still stroking his thick cock and she was barely able to squeeze the strange looking head in her mouth. It was very awkward because of the size, but once the head was in her mouth, she slid her lips down his shaft as far as she could. She could only manage a few inches, but I could hear Cherry praising her for her effort.

     The camera was lifted off its tripod, and the camera moved in, getting a close up of Penny sucking that huge cock. With Cherry’s encouragement Penny tried to take more of that giant cock in her mouth. She maybe managed another inch until she began to gag, quickly easing back, and then slowly gliding her lips back and forth, up and down Midnight’s cock, taking in as much as she could. All the time she continued stroking his huge shaft, and Emily could feel her pussy start the twanging. She never though she’d be turned on by bestiality, but wow, she almost couldn’t believe it; wouldn’t have if she wasn’t watching it with her own eyes, Penny was actually sucking on a horse’s cock, and it was tuning Emily on like crazy!

     After five minutes of Penny bobbing her head up and down on his cock she needed a break because her jaw was getting sore. Penny took Midnight’s cock out of her mouth and caught her breath. Penny then started licking the entire length of his cock. Her pink tongue traveled up and down the massive cock. At one point when her  tongue was at the base of the cock she couldn’t resist licking the horse’s big balls, she twirled her tongue around his balls very fast.

     Emily was burning up, she jammed her dildo up her creaming center, fucking herself. She wanted to hold on to it until the horse came, so she stroked teasingly around the outside of her clit, trying to drag it out. Penny stopped licking his balls and worked her tongue back up the shaft. Once she got to the top she opened her mouth wide and took his cock back in. Penny started started pumping her head on the animal’s huge cock as fast as she could, she looked determined not to stop until she made the horse cum.

     Cherry’s voice urged her on, "Oh yeah Pen, suck that cock, let it blow, do it baby!"

     About 3 minutes of intense sucking passed when the animal literally exploded in her mouth without warning. Emily could see Midnight’s cock throbbing and pulsing wildly, his huge cock squirting, Penny’s cheeks bulged with the sheer volume. She looked like she was trying to swallow as much as she could, but she had to pull her head back and his cum spewed out. Midnight wasn’t done yet and his wildly squirting cock was now giving Penny a full facial. Before she could even point his big cock down towards her body he had covered Penny’s face with a sheet of cum.

     That did it, with two deft flicks straight over the top of her engorged, bulging clit, Emily howled, her pussy exploded, her body jerking and thrashing wildly, she was cumming like crazy, my god, it was one of her most powerful orgasms. She was unaware of what happened next, she just let her climax have its way with her. She was dizzy and delirious with pleasure, sailing into the afterglow. She pressed stop on the DVD, and let her body revel in the contentment.

     After getting her bearings back, she ran the DVD back to the scene where Penny got her face plastered, and started it going again. Penny had just pointed his big cock down at her body, and Midnight’s cock obliged, thick ropes splattering, warm cum splashing all over Penny’s naked body. The camera moved in, getting close ups of Penny’s cum plastered face, and her body, splattered with the thick ropes of Midnight’s load.

     She heard Cherry’s voice ask, "How did you like that Penny?"

     Penny replied, "Oh my god, I LOVED IT!"

     The camera was placed back on its tripod, and Cherry said, "Then you’ll love what’s next!"

     She watched as Cherry led Penny over to a wide, adjustable table. There were straps attached to it, it was padded, almost like a hospital gurney, and there was a frame like device fitted over the table. Penny got up, on her hands and knees, and spread her legs wide. Cherry attached the straps around her ankles, knees, elbows and wrists, buckling them shut, then testing that they were firmly holding Penny in place. Cherry left the field of view for a minute, then came back leading another young stallion.

     Emily could feel her cunt heating up quickly, oh my god, is she going to?

     She watched as Cherry started spreading slick lube around Penny’s cunt and right up the hole, she applied plenty, making sure Penny was well lubed up. Then she played with the horse’s cock, and Emily watched in awe as that huge prick grew to enormous size, as Cherry’s hands lubed up that monster fuck pole. Emily saw Cherry ordering the horse, he was well trained, and his legs fit into grooves in the fence like apparatus, Emily could see Penny’s naked body restrained and ready to be fucked by a horse, that vision got her juices going. With a few slight adjustements to the angle of the table, Penny’s body was now in a perfect position for mating. Emily  watched Cherry leading the horse’s hard cock up to Penny’s cunt. Cherry spread open Penny’s pussy lips, then positioned the long knob end of the horse’s stiff cock against the lips of Penny’s cunt.

     It looked like the horse had been well trained, as soon as he felt the warm wetness against the long knob end of his cock, he hunched his hips forward, and Penny’s shriek filled the barn as she was impaled on that massive fuck hole. The horse hammered in as much as he could, pulled back and rammed it in again, drawing another shriek from her. The horse started to fuck her, over and over, that huge cock jackhammering away at Penny’s cunt, her shrieks changed to grunts and sounds of pleasure, as her cunt adjusted to the huge stretch. The well lubed cock, and the copious amont of lube spread up Penny’s entrance helped, and after the first few abrasive thrusts, the fucking rhythm seemed to become easier.

     The camera was taken off the tripod, and it moved in for a close up.

     "Like it, don’t you baby?" Cherry’s voice said.

     Penny howled, "Oh fuck, I feel like the world’s tightest virgin getting my cunt split open by the biggest cock on Earth, I love it, fuck me horsey, fuck me until I see stars!"

     The camera moved around the table, capturing hot shots from all angles. The horse in a regular fucking rhythm, driving his throbbing shaft in and out of her cunt, just like a piston. Penny was grunting, making wordless sounds of pleasure, as the horse reared back and forth, driving his massive shaft up into her, splitting her cunt open, over and over again. The camera captured one extra hot scene, where Emily could see Penny’s eager pussy stretched wide around that massive shaft. Emily was ramming her cunt wildly with her dildo, she was on fire with lust, she had never seen anything so perverted, so nasty, so fucking hot. Emily could feel her orgasm getting set, the horse was making snorting noises, and Penny exploded in orgasm, her shrieks and screams of pleasure filled the barn. The horse started to thrust harder, snorting, and seeing his huge cock throbbing with pulses, Emily guessed that he was shooting a massive load up Penny’s quivering cunt. Emily tumbled into orgasm, almost screaming with pleasure, my god, Emily had never cum so hard in her life. After several deep thrusts, the horse slowed down, and he pulled back until his cock slipped out, his shaft covered with lube and the cum he has shot into Penny. Her pussy had been filled to overflowing, and the camera closed in on her well filled hole.

     The camera was quickly mounted back on the tripod, and Cherry helped the house down, letting him wander freely. Cherry got in on the act, she was wearing a robe, she slipped it off, and Emily saw that she had been wearing nothing else. She faced the camera, smiling.

     "With my riding club, you get some extra services. After my horses leave such a messy pussy, I, as the creator of Cherry Hill, feel it is my duty to clean it up nicely!" she giggled.

     She pulled a bench into place behind Penny, knelt on it, and as thick streams of horse spunk started to run down her thighs from her pussy, Cherry eagerly lapped it up. She then eagerly buried her face into Penny’s well filled pussy from behind, eagerly licking and sucking.

     Penny cooed huskily, "Yes, oh yes Cherry baby, lick my cunt, suck out all that tasty horse cum!"

     Cherry was eager to do so, her mouth plastered to Penny’s just fucked opening, sucking and licking, Penny’s moans of pleasure urging Cherry on to suck out every drop. Cherry was no novice at pussy licking, and she soon had Penny crying out with pleasure as she crested to another climax. Emily watched the lewd, hot scene, and soon, Cherry pulled away, and faced the camera. From her nose on down, her face was coated with a mix of Penny’s juices, and a thick sheet of horse cum. Thick streams started to run down her chin. She grinned, licking her lips. 

     "Ummm so delicious, I love licking the messy pussies all nice and clean! Cherry Hill riding club is open to all, come and ride a horse cock, and I’ll be happy to lick you as clean as I just licked Penny!"

     Cherry giggled, blew a kiss to the camera, and the screen went black.

     Emily lay back, sprawled on her daughter’s bed, my god, she’d never seen anything so fucking hot. She thought about the title, part 1. That sounds like there are more parts to the Cherry Hill riding club. She hoped to see more of their mutual friends in action. Maybe she’d even see Jenn take on a huge horse cock.